Emergency Info

Guidelines on when to call the Emergency Services 999 for unwell recreational drug users

Call 999 if ANY one of the following is present:

Unconsciousness – if the patient does not respond to vocal commands, requires painful stimulus (e.g. pressure across the fingernails) to respond or does not respond at all.

Significant agitation (e.g. pacing around the room) or aggression not settling within 15 minutes.

Seizures (e.g. a convulsion similar to an epileptic fit)

Breathing difficulties such as fast breathing rate which does not settle within 15 minutes.

Heart rate over 140 beats per minute not settling within 5 minutes.

Temperature over 38.5 not settling after about 5 minutes of rest, or if very flushed and feels very hot if no thermometer is available.

Blood pressure – Systolic (“upper pressure”) over 180mmHg, or Diastolic (“lower pressure”) over 110mmHg on two repeated blood pressure measurements.

Other concerns – if there are any other concerns (e.g. severe headache, chest pain).


Download as a PDF

Example of drug find record log

Bag NumberDate and TimeStaff MemberDetailsLocationNotesSignedWitnessed by
347609:30 p.m. 17/2/20J. ArcherTwo white tablets with smiley faceYoung male searched in queueRegular customer. Refused entry. Pills in amnesty box.NAMENAME
3476111:15 p.m. 17/2/20A. ShrubsoleWrap of white powderFemale toilet. Cubicle 3Put in amnesty box.SignatureSignature
347625:35 a.m. 18/2/20E. MorganBlue tablet with word “Pfizer”Drugs BoxFound when box emptied.
3476310:15 a.m. 19/2/21M. AliBlue tablet with word “Pfizer”Behind speaker, main dance floor.Found by cleaner. Placed in drugs box.

We have provided a blank Drug Find Record Log for your convenience which can be downloaded for printing: Fact sheets as PDFs to download.



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