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Guidelines on when to call the Emergency Services 999 for unwell recreational drug users

Call 999 if ANY one of the following is present:

Unconsciousness – if the patient does not respond to vocal commands, requires painful stimulus (e.g. pressure across the fingernails) to respond or does not respond at all.

Significant agitation (e.g. pacing around the room) or aggression not settling within 15 minutes.

Seizures (e.g. a convulsion similar to an epileptic fit)

Breathing difficulties such as fast breathing rate which does not settle within 15 minutes.

Heart rate over 140 beats per minute not settling within 5 minutes.

Temperature over 38.5 not settling after about 5 minutes of rest, or if very flushed and feels very hot if no thermometer is available.

Blood pressure – Systolic (“upper pressure”) over 180mmHg, or Diastolic (“lower pressure”) over 110mmHg on two repeated blood pressure measurements.

Other concerns – if there are any other concerns (e.g. severe headache, chest pain).


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The role of door supervisors and security staff working at pubs, clubs and festivals is to ensure that customers and staff can be assured of their physical safety and are protected from crime.

Key activities of door supervisors and security staff

The key activities of door supervisors and security staff include:

  • Having a clear understanding of both the legal framework governing their job and the search policies and procedures of the venue where they are working. See Tackling drug dealing ,
  • Understand the procedures for seizure and safe storage of drugs and weapons,
  • Know the details of agreements with local police regarding expectations of the circumstances when staff should call police,
  • Wear official SIA identification at all times and in a clearly visible place.
  • Be familiar with venue policies and procedures for the use of CCTV and body-worn cameras,
  • Be proactive in looking for any signs of drug dealing and of any customer who looks unwell. Concerns about drug dealing should be reported to the person in charge of security and concerns about unwell customers should immediately be reported to welfare and medical staff. See Tackling drug dealing,
  • Ensure that their registration with the SIA is current and that all relevant training, including updates and refreshers courses, is completed.

You can also find a compendium of other useful resources in Helpful organisations which includes contact details for useful organisations, training providers and a whole host of specialist advice and information sources, many of them online.

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